Hello Beautiful Readers!!

I apologize for being MIA for the last couple of months or so. I’ve had an eventful summer because of spontaneous trip to the motherland after ten long years and I’m starting to have an eventful autumn because I’m getting back into the grind of work and trying to establish myself career – wise.

As you all know, it’s the the season where students of all ages are getting back to school after an eventful summer. As for some us that are done school, the rest of us are either starting their dream job at a high ended – organization, searching for their dreams and/ passions, or they are just confused in what direction they should take in terms of establishing themselves.

Do you remember when before you discovered your favourite hobby (whether learning to play your favourite instrument, learning a new genre of dance, etc.) and you couldn’t get enough of it? As a result, you got addicted to your favourite hobby. However, as time flies, life gets in the way and we barely have time to stick to our hobbies.

So recently, ever since I graduated university, I’ve been on this pathway on reigniting myself and I’ll be really honest with you, this has probably been the scariest step that I have taken. However, they say that sometimes the scariest decision could either make you or break you. Here are a few things that I’ve learned from being on this pathway.

1) You won’t know until you try

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Back when I was I getting really anxious about life after graduation, I was lamenting to a couple of close friends of mine how everyone that I know pretty much has their life set up and I’m currently in the dead ends. When good friend of mine (you know who you are) tried to keep me sane, he asked me about what my passions were and I told him what I was into. As my friend made the suggestion on how I can turn my passion into a career, I actually took that suggestion into consideration and somehow followed through with it. So if you friends have a unique suggestion, take into consideration.

2) Find things that could benefit you in the future

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Ever since I graduated university, I have been looking into some post grad certificate programs in various colleges that could potentially benefit me in the future. As I looked into these post grad programs, I could actually see myself making a career out of these post grad programs. Furthermore, I also learned that having the right connections (family or friend) could also potentially help you in the future. If you’re around the right things at the right in the right moment, your future will be just right.

3) Change is for the best. 

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You remember that saying, “If a woman gets a haircut, she’s making a big change in her life.” (If you don’t remember, well now you all know :P) Whether it’s changing your hair to an outrageous colour or trying to make minuscule impacts on individuals, just remember that not all changes are bad. Some changes can put you at an advantage

4) Never Settle.

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As most of you guys know, I’m very picky (which can either mean it can be a good thing or bad thing). So not only I’m on this path of reigniting myself but I was also on a path of loving myself and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, is that when you love yourself so much, you refuse to settle for less or let anyone walk all over you. From what I’ve learned from never settling for less,  being picky can be a good thing.

5) Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

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So do you remember when you made a vow to yourself that you wouldn’t do anything crazy or impulsive? Whether if it’s having a summer fling or stepping into a foreign country after so long and living there for 3 weeks, these crazy and impulsive decisions can help you get out of your comfort zone and can possibly benefit you in the future.

If there’s one way I can describe this path of reignition, there is a lot of self discovery and self – love involved.

This is Shoma Mathew signing off reminding you to REIGNITE!





As majority of you all know, convocation season is around the corner for future college/university graduates. We can either feel positive about being done with school and embrace the real world with open arms or we have this negative feeling of being blindsided on how there could be a bleak future for the prospective alumni.

Most of you all know that I’m graduating this year and I’ll be honest with you, once I finished writing my last final exam near the end of April, I was super ecstatic at the fact that I was done school and didn’t have to worry about another essay, midterm, or assignment. But as the weeks passed, I noticed that I was feeling extremely negative because that excitement about graduation started to die because it dawned on me that I didn’t really know what I really wanted in the future. As I was looking through my social media accounts, I noticed that a lot of my friends from high school and university started to broadcast about what they’re going to be doing after graduating (e.g. starting their dream at their dream company, or going to law school in another continent, or attending one of the prestigious grad school in the country). Now I’ll be super honest with you all, I’m happy that you all know where you are going after university but at the same time, I’m super low – key jealous because I’m trying to figure out what I want after I graduate. Mind you, it honestly felt like I was reliving Ryder Malby’s situation from Post Grad (highly recommend this movie to future and current college/university graduates). Furthermore, as I was talking to some of my close friends, one of them asked me how it feels now that I’m done school. To be honest, I blatantly stated that I feel a sense of emptiness because I school pretty much defined my purpose for the majority of my life and now that I’m done, I felt like I didn’t have a purpose.

As I was trying to look on the bright side of being a post grad, here’s a few things I came up with.

1. You finally have time

So remember when school literally consumed majority of your time and you literally didn’t have time to yourself? Well now that you’re done school, you have all the time in the world (unless you’re stuck at your part time job when you’re in school). If you want to explore the city, go explore. If you want to meet up with an old friend, go meet them. What do you have to lose?

2. Attend networking events

So I recently found out that my university hosts various networking events. Attend these networking events and you can possibly land with a big girl/boy job.  And who knows, maybe you’ll eventually land at your dream job.

3. Create a reading/movie/TV-series list

Just like in the first point, create a list of movies, books, or TV series that you’ve been dying to read or watch while you were in school. You will definitely kill a lot of time doing this.

4. Detach yourself from social media

You are possibly experiencing the same thing that I experienced not to long ago. If you feel the need to steer clear from social media because a lot of your peers are bragging about what they’re are going to be doing after graduation, then go for it. But remember this, you are not them. You are unique in your own way. You will get to your destination eventually. You’ll need to give it some time.

5. Work on yourself

Whether you need to develop new skills, take up a new hobby, or even making a trip to the gym after so long, always make time for self – improvement. You’ll never know who you’ll attract. *wink wink*

So if you’re still unsure about what you want to do in the near future, don’t panic. You’re not gonna be at the dead end forever. You’ll get to your final destination. Good things come to those who wait, right?

This is Shoma Mathew signing off, reminding you that the future is bright.


An Open letter to my Froshie self

Dear Froshie self,

Congratulations! You finally made to the next phase of your life. You are definitely gonna excited about what’s going to be coming your way. Although you were super happy but that you are finally out of the all – girls high school, you are also super scared of transitioning to the co – ed life, now that you are exposed to men (don’t be shy, they’re probably just as scared as you are). You are definitely going to attend some of the events at Frosh and you possibly will meet some new faces. You will also attend your first university lecture, which will possibly be a little nerve – wracking since there is more than 200 students attending that lecture (aka. PSYCH 1010). You will probably won’t participate as much in class since you are super shy in class. But you’ll eventually break out of that shell. There is also a possibility that you will make more friends in lectures than you did at frosh and these friends won’t be in the same major as you but that’s okay. Sometimes a little diversity in your friendship is much better than keeping your friendship vanilla. As you reach to the end of the first semester of first year, you will definitely dread it because there’s a possibility that you’ll have exams on or after your birthday but don’t you worry. Your exam schedule will improve a lot as the years go by. As you get back into the winter semester of first year, you will slowly get the jist of how university works and slowly start to realize where your strengths and weaknesses stand. And after a year of waiting, you attend your first Malayalee formal with your friends and you will have your first drink up there and you will definitely dance the night away. As you reach the end of your first year, you will start to reminisce about time flying by the speed of light and start to embrace the fact that you finally get a four month summer instead of two month summer. Now, initially you don’t do summer school because you wanted to unwind and just take a break from school but you then realize that you get bored very easily during the four month summer than you did during the two month summer. So you make a promise to your self that you will do summer school and be very productive. As June arrives, it will be time to choose your courses which is the most nerve – wracking moment because everyone is scrambling to get into their courses and choosing the best time, but don’t you worry. Every second year student is going through the same thing, so you’re not alone. As you reach to the end of summer you will get to go to your first National Youth Conference and you will be super excited for two reasons. For starters, your church will be hosting it and you will be meeting and possibly befriending these new American delegates attending this conference.

     Now as the start of second year comes, you will find yourself doing things that you never saw yourself doing. For starters, you will start participating a little more in class, seeing that you’re not that shy froshie. You will also experience certain firsts in the second year of university (e.g. getting your first part time job, maybe meeting a potential S/O). You will meet more friends in your second year than your first because you’re finally putting yourself out there and there will be people to help you get you out of your shell (maybe a potential classmate will bother you early in the morning and you both will eventually become best friends). Once again, you attend your second Malayalee formal with your friends and you make a vow to your self that you will definitely join the YUMSA dance team (which you do in your 3rd and 4th year). You eventually come to a vivid realization of what you’re good at and what you are bad at (e.g. realizing that you can’t do a full course load since you get extremely overwhelmed easily). As the year comes to an end, you finally enroll in summer courses, which runs for two months (YAY!) and you come to realization that summer courses are far better than taking courses so you actually take into consideration of taking courses next summer.

During your third and fourth year, these two years will be an eye – opening experience in both a good and bad way. You will probably have that feeling that you won’t be graduating in year that you were supposed to graduate and you will find yourself taking a fifth, but that’s okay. It’s very rare for somebody to finish within four years (Please refer to the blog: The Myth of Four Years) because you finally realized that everybody works differently. You will also experience some negative events (e.g. the loss of a loved one, the sudden drifting/detachment of a friend, etc.) but hey that’s life.  But out of those negative events, there will be some positives events happening to you (e.g. having a new addition to your family and you won’t get enough of that new addition, or find yourself finally starting the blog after making a vow to start after second year, or better yet, finding out that Yorku’s Strike will be short, simple and sweet) You will find yourself being in an ugly situation and feel like you have no way of getting out of that but don’t worry. You’ll will find a way to get out of that ugly situation by getting help from the right people and you will bounce back stronger than ever. You will also experience some positive changes after the you got thrown to the wolves. You will see some positive changes such as huge improvement on grades, your ability to manage time with school and work will improve remarkably, and you will find yourself joining in associations that you never saw yourself joining in (e.g. YUMSA dance team, YFS Redpack). You will also have that realization on who your real friends are in the most ugliest situations. Now, you’ll be extremely angry at these “friends”, but then you’ll eventually realize that they are not worth your time and you will find new friends who will have your back regardless of how long you’ve known them for or what the situation. Once again you’ll find yourself doing summer school and this time, you will make friends and it’ll feel like you’ve known them forever because you all naturally click. And then you eventually realize that you all are in the same courses in the upcoming fall/winter semester. Now during your summer course, this will be the first time you’ll be taking a course that lasts for the whole summer but that’s okay. It’ s not like you were gonna do anything for the summer right? You will find yourself unexpectedly being the golden student since your Prof/TA starts to favour you and eventually starts calling you “4th year student” and everyone in your class will either like you or will possibly be jealous of you. But obviously, you don’t care what other people think of you. You just do your thing and pass with flying colours (which is what you obviously do). Now as convocation season approaches, you will start to have some negative feelings towards this time for many reasons such as being nervous for the future or being jealous of those who graduating before you because they have their future set. But hey, good things come to those who wait, right? Once again, course enrollment season is around the corner and you finally enrol into your final year courses and talk to your guidance counsellor just to make sure you are on the right track (which you obviously were).

Congratulations! You’re finally in your fifth and final year, and you find it hard to believe that you actually made it. But believe it, you got thrown to the wolves and you are officially leading the pack. As you start your classes, you start to see a lot of positive changes happening throughout the semester. As you start to work extremely hard, you start to get amazing results (mind you I’m not just talking about school – wise, I’m talking about self – improvement), you are even more outspoken in class and come to that realization that you’re no longer that shy girl 4.5 years ago. You eventually become very close to your TAs/Profs and they reward you for that. You will find yourself taking a break from YUMSA because you need to work very hard on your final year and tbh you’ll eventually miss being on YUMSA, but hey we gotta fly from the nest sometime soon. You’ll also see yourself being more active in YFS redpack and you will eventually get rewarded for that. However, you come to that realization that as you graduate from York, you will also leave YFS redpack. You will also see yourself booking an appointment for taking graduation photos after 4 years of waiting and this will be the most anticipated moment ever because you will find it hard to believe that you’re graduating. You will also have some moments of deja – vu because you’ll find yourself reconnecting with friends that you’ve been distant with and you’ll either be closer than ever or you realize that there was reason why you guys became distant. But hey, like I said that’s life. Once again, you’ll see yourself doing things that you wouldn’t normally see yourself doing (e.g. attending Christmas/Palm Sunday/Good Friday/Maundy Thursday/Easter mass at an another church rather than attending the church that you would normally attend). But hey, sometimes change can be a good thing, no? Lastly, you’ll once again go through finals in both the fall and winter semester and as you finish writing your finals and submitting your final papers, you’ll finally come to a realization that you’re done school and you are probably anxious about the future because have no idea what the future holds for you. But don’t be afraid. You finally realized your likes and dislikes and who knows maybe you’ll take a break and go with the flow and work or you’ll probably do more school. But hey anything can happen, right?

But just remember this, you’ll find your way around the real world.


the soon-to-be YU Alumni


ext Now that I finally have some time on my hands, I can finally blog in peace.

Today’s blog is going to be a little different today since it’s going to have a 3 in 1 special. And this 3 in 1 special involves a Birthday blog, Christmas blog, and a New Year’s blog. So get ready for  a good read.

Last week, I turned 23 and even though people tell me that I’m still young and I have my whole life ahead of me, I still feel like life is going at the speed of light (call me crazy). I came to realization that I’m almost done school, I need to find a job within my field, get settled, have a family, and so much more. And even to this day, it still overwhelms that everything is happening so fast. I still remember when I was very young, I told myself that I can’t wait to get older and have my life together. But now that I reached to that phase, I’m still in the process of getting my life together. When I look at others from my age group who have finished school and are working at their dream job, I was initially jealous that they have their life together while I’m sitting here trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. But then I think of the advice from a very good friend of mine that everyone goes at their own pace and that their is no such thing as an early or late bloomer. According to another good friend of mine, being old has its perks such as being wise and prettier (You know who you are for saying this :P) However, the transition of 22 to 23 have also taught me some other valuable lessons such as:

  1. Knowing who your real friends are in the tough situations
  2. There will be people from your age group acting like they are still in high school
  3. God will always have your back no matter how ugly the situation is
  4. You will reconnect with old friends and you will somehow manage to pick up where you left off
  5. You will get that dream job and degree in your hands, you need to give it some time
  6. It’s okay to feel the way you feel no matter what the situation is
  7. Try new things rather than sticking with the old routines
  8. There’s no such thing as a “late bloomer”
  9. Love yourself before you love someone else
  10. Give yourself some “ME” time and be YOU!

And there are so many other life lessons that I can add onto the list but, you probably get the whole sh-peel.

Today has been a very quiet Christmas Day for me and it’s probably because I’m still not wide awake from having a long  and tiring Christmas Eve which is mainly because of work. But thankfully, I managed to get out of there and go to midnight mass on Christmas at the St.Patrick Catholic Church. Normally, I would go the St.Mathew’s Marthoma Church for Christmas Day mass in the morning but my family wanted to do something different. Now, I was initially reluctant on going to this church for midnight mass and it was probably because I was used to being around the same surroundings during this time, but I managed to give it a chance and go for it. When I got to the church, I felt a peace during the service and this normally doesn’t happen to me. I’m guessing because I was somehow getting a good vibe in this new environment or this was God’s way of reassuring me that I’m in the right place and told me not to worry. If there’s one way I can describe the service, I would describe as short, simple and sweet which is probably why I liked it a lot.And hey who knows, maybe I’ll be there next time.

As I absorb the idea that there’s only 1 week left of 2016 and 1 week left to welcome 2017 with open arms, I reminisce to all the good, bad and ugly events that has happened throughout the year. If there’s one thing I have mainly experienced during this year are that there were so many new things that I have experienced whether it was good or bad. But behind those experiences, they hold all those 10 life lessons that I listed earlier. And call me crazy, even though the year started off really good and ended of on a not so good note (which is pretty typical because it happens every year to everyone), and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And who knows, maybe 2017 will treat me even better. But hey, anything can happen in the new year.

This is Shoma Mathew signing off reminding you all to have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you all in 2017!


“God bless America” or “God help America”?

As most of you all know, we just found out that we have an Oompa Loompa running for president and even to this day, I’m still trying to understand the mindset of America.

Now I have much love for America, since I have family and friends living up there, but seriously what were you all thinking??? Electing this tool, makes George W.Bush look good and you may have created yourselves Brexit 2.0 or even World War 3.

Did you think a racist, sexist, homophobic, chauvinistic, Islamic-hating, violent, a person lacking in political experience, would make America great again? You better think again because, he’s going to make America “great again” by reverting back to how America was in the 1950s -1960s for the next 4 years.

Now I’ll be super honest, if I were to pick between the two presidents, I would choose Hilary Clinton, since she not only has the experience in politics since her husband, Bill Clinton was former president, working alongside with President Obama for  years and was a lawyer, senator, and sectactary of state  . And yes, she has had her flaws in terms of the hidden emails on DNC showing favouritism towards Clinton and was slandering Bernie Sanders (mind you, I wouldn’t mind him being president as well). But, if I can describe her in one word, I’d say EXPERIENCED.

From the three presidential debates that I was witnessed, it was honestly watching two immature teenagers fighting in the comment section of Facebook. I mean, I watched the first bit of the debates and I honestly thought to myself that these debates aren’t even worth watching.

The Americans that I’m mainly going to worry about are the women (white and colour), the Islamic community, and the Americans of colour. As a Canadian woman of colour, it is absolutely horrifying that you are all experienced this now. And its even more frightening that some of you, can’t even step out of your own house because, you all are afraid that you’ll be attacked by a Trump supporter. If there’s one thing I can tell you at this moment, I can honestly tell you that you’re not alone. You have all survived far worse than this tragedy. Unite as one and show that you are not afraid of the system.

To the voters who decided to make their bed and sleep in it for the next four years. You both have either choose to vote or choose not to vote. If you guys decided to vote, then great. But if you decided to choose vote for a man who wants to blame climate change on China, create a Muslim ban on all Muslims, claiming that its okay to grab women by the p*ssy,  and wants to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S.,you have clearly seen the outcome on that decision with the Canadian immigration website crashing and the protests occurring in major U.S. cities (But kudos to those who decided to vote for the other candidate).  If you guys didn’t take part in the voting, then you guys are still the cause of why America has turned out the way it has.

What a time to be alive, huh?

This is Shoma Mathew signing out, reminding you to make the right decisions!


For those who do not get the reference, I’m referring to a play that St.Mathew’s Marthoma church has done on Saturday, October 29, 2016, also known as Journey To Genesis. If I can give you an honest review on how this play was, it was one of the best original production that our church has done over the past few years of doing various plays and musicals.

Now I’ll be honest with you, it was so much different viewing this as part of an since I wasn’t helping out backstage nor being in the play itself due to my crazy schedule with school and work. However, I was somewhat able to contribute to the play by implicitly helping out with some of the choreography along with other choreographers and being moral support to the cast and crew.

Now I’m gonna give you a quick run through of how the play went down. It all started with 3 siblings coming home from the last day of school and one of the siblings, Matt, was not really into Sunday School or church because he was more into the scientific perspective on how the world was created rather than looking at the biblical perspective. Whereas the other two siblings, Tammy and Priya, always relied on the biblical way perspective. When Matt, introduced his time machine, Priya and Tammy had a good laugh from it since they didn’t really exactly follow the whole time travelling notion. However, there was a change of events. When the siblings had an arguement, Matt wished that Priya would disappeared. And he somehow got his wish, just when the time machine actually works and it takes Priya into the Bible, specifically into the book of Genesis. Both Tammy and Matt, managed to jump into the book of Genesis where they have witnessed the creation of the world, Adam and Eve’s first sin, Cain and Abel’s altercation, Abraham and Sarah’s hardships, and Noah’s Ark. After all these events they managed to find Priya and the builder of the time machine, Professor Cray. Now the story doesn’t end here. They had to find a way to get back to the future and they managed to do that through Tammy’s love note from her classmate/crush, Jeff. So, in a way, Jeff somehow saved the day. And that is when they realized that they need HIM.

Now I’ll be honest with you, this play actually made me tear up and it wasn’t just because I couldn’t be part of it, but because I witnessed what our church can do with all these talents. And hey who knows, maybe the St.Mathew’s Marthoma church will possibly do another production. And you may or may not see me be part of it. But hey, anything can happen.


This is Shoma Mathew signing out, reminding you to embrace and flaunt off your talents. 


Hopefully you guys thought that Friends reference there.

Now to be really honest with you, things have been extremely busy with school and work. But now that things have settled, I came to a realization what this prolonged break has taught me for the past few months or so.


During this hiatus, I realize that I wasn’t on social media as much as I was previously. It was probably because I was focused into school and work that I forgot that this thing even existed. From this point on, I only use social media if I want to Tweet/Snapchat something pretty cool, use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, or even Instagram the places I have been to or the things I have experienced.


When I say rediscovering myself, I mean developing new skills/talents or bringing back the skills/talents I had years back. For instance, when I was taking a class during the summer, my prof/TA always put me on the spot probably because he wanted to see my insights on life or something along the lines of that. Even to this day, I’ll be thankful to my prof/TA for putting me on the spot numerous times. Because of this, I’ll probably be a little more talkative and probably a little more debatable in class.


Now we have all been through some really dark times. I can honestly tell you that I have had my fair share of dark times. Now, aside from my family for being my biggest support system as well as the friends I have had since day 1, I have met some rare friends along the road during the dark times and even to this day, I will always be grateful for that. I’m not going to mention who they are, because they probably have an idea who I’m talking about. And for those that have put me through the dark times, I want to say thank you for putting me through it. Because, not only you just threw to the wolves for your enjoyment, but you have just made me come back leading the pack.


You might have noticed that graduation season was a couple of months ago and people that I know are either going to grad school, starting their dream jobs a little early than expected, getting engaged or married, or whatever the milestone they’re experiencing. And to be honest with you, I was initially bummed out that I wasn’t able to experience any of these however, a good friend of mine once told me that everyone succeeds at their own pace. Even to this day, I still think that God may have spoke through that friend telling that everything is going to be okay. And because of this mindset, good things have been coming to me because I have waited.


Being from a South Indian descent, we look like a collectivist society due to the fact that we care about the well-being of others rather than caring about their own well-being. If there’s honestly one huge life lesson that I have learned during this hiatus, is that I have learned to numb myself from the opinions of others. If you want to jump off a cliff, go jump. If you want go to an exotic island, book that plane ticket. If you want to get married after the age of 30, go right ahead. It’s your life and no one and nobody has a say in it. And you know what they say, “Why fit in when you can stand out?”


If you guys need to go on a hiatus, just go for it. It’ll be the best decision that you made. This is Shoma Mathew signing off, reminding you to take a break and get yourself a KitKat. 


The Royal Ball with YUMSA

“T’was the night before formal, where all the rajas and ranis were all prepping for the grand ball. Ladies picking out their saris and salwar and men picking out their best suit and tie. While the YUMSA exec team were running around like headless chickens on how the night will turn out (which I can honestly say that night was definitely a night to remember) and the dance teams practicing for their killer performances. On the next day, when clock struck to the 7th hour, that was when the night had begun…” 

Now I’m clearly following Indian standard time on this blog (I know it’s a week late, so please don’t kill me), but hey, things kinda kept me busy. But on a serious note, I’m back.

Now you’re all wondering why this blog is called the “Royal Ball with YUMSA”.  Well I’m gonna tell you why. On January 30th, 2016, York University Malayalee Association hosted a Royal Formal, also known as RAJKEEYAM. And once again not only I arrived there as a delegate, but I also arrived there as a YUMSA performer.

Now I’m gonna be honest with you, this year it felt a little different. But I mean this in a good way. Even though we had some familiar faces on our team, we also had some fresh faces on our team. Despite our differences and the conflicts that have occurred (if you know what I mean), we managed to come together and kill it on the dance floor.

Now I know I said this before, but I will say it again, I am happy that I took the plunge with with my YUMSA familia and killed it on the dance floor with them and if I can be completely honest with you, joining you guys in my upper years of my undergraduate was probably the best thing that has happened (as crazy as it sounds). But unfortunately, there’s a possibility that there may be a hiatus on my side from my YUMSA fam, but there’s also a possibility of that hiatus of not happening.

But hey, anything can happen.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you YUMSA for all the memories and for the night. 🙂

And if you guys want to see the video on how YUMSA did, here’s the link below. ENJOY!:


This is Shoma Mathew signing off, reminding you to stay ROYAL. #punintended



My message to 2016.

If there`s one way I can describe 2015, I can honestly describe it as many losses and gains that I have encountered. But if I can sum it up into one major life lesson (which is highly unlikely), I can honestly tell that it gets better. And here are a few reasons why:

1. You win some, you lose some.

Throughout 2015, I have lost people that I have been really close to my heart, but I have gain people who are now very close to my heart. But if there’s one thing I have learned from, is that even though you have probably lost the best thing ever, you will definitely gain something even better.

2. You take the plunge.

There are so many things you will try and mind you, these things you will try. From my personal experience, I honestly never saw myself  working along side with York Federation of Students or even joining the York University Malayalee Association dance team, until I decided to sign up and go for it and that was the best impulsive decision that I have made due to the fact I have made so many friends and they’re close to my heart. So really, what I’m trying telling you is try new things that you never  saw yourself trying.

3. You start doing you. 

Now even to this day, I stick to my philosophy to stand out rather than fitting in. If you want to do something spontaneous, go for it. If you want to clear your bucket list, then clear it. Don’t ever let anyone or anything stop you.

4. You start looking things differently. 

From time to time, we start to wish that we were somewhere higher in terms of being the top student in school, or having the best job, or being the best employee. But when we look at all the current events that are happening internationally, we start to realize that being at the higher level doesn’t matter anymore. As of now, all we need in our lives are good health and safety.

5. You start to live life with no regrets. 

Even to this day,  I live my life my own way and I honestly have no regrets from it. If you guys have regrets from living your life, then I have a secret for you. Life is too short for you to hold onto any regrets. So in the wise words of Bad Girl RiRi and TI “So live your life!”

   This is Shoma Mathew signing off wishing you all a spontaneous 2016!


Not too long ago, we witnessed an international massacre.
And even to this day, this wound will always remain fresh. 
We ask ourselves, "What will happen us after?"
"Will we still remain in the flesh?"

We all want something special for this Christmas season. 
But the real question is, what is it what we really want?
We demand for something with monetary value for some reason. 
But during this festive season, we also desire so much vaunt. 

If we could have one wish for Christmas, what would it be?
We usually ask for this, but do we really mean it?
Now I want to you all to stop look and see. 
And think for a second and be ready to admit. 

We authentically want for a world full of peace.   
Is that so hard for us to demand?
As the number of guns and bombs slowly decrease. 
All these ugly weapons will officially be banned.